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Miller Creek Ride

Miller Creek Ride
Sunday October 19th – Ride leaves parking area at 1:00
Parking at the intersection of Miller Creek and Plant Creek.

This ride is an intermediate level ride, although the tougher sections can be
avoided by taking the main road. Maybe around 40-50 miles.

Paige Sedgewick, a reporter with the NBC station in Missoula will be with us
to do a story on OHV recreation. We will ride somewhere to do the filming
and interviews which should take about an hour. After that we will go on
the main ride. We have a side by side for Paige to ride in, but could use another
side by side with a seat available for the camera person.

Chris Faron, on behalf of Warn Industries, contacted Paige Sedgewick about
doing this project. I will also forward that email to WMTRA members.
Parking Instructions
Going out of Missoula on Brooks street south, take a left on Miller Creek road
which is just after Walmart. At the roundabout, continue straight up the hill. The
parking area is about 13 miles from Brooks street, some paved, but mostly gravel.