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Salmon Idaho Ride August 29th and 30th

Hello All,

Just getting some details together for the Salmon ID ride on Sat and Sun August 29 & 30th.

WHEN: Saturday August 29th and Sunday August 30th (I know, GRIZ game on Saturday, Sunday riding too!)

WHERE: Salmon ID just over the pass South of Hamilton.

Saturday ride will be to Leesburg and UP Lake. It is about 5-6 hours depending on where you want to ride, we have some options once we get up in the mountains. The road is a bit rough but very easy riding. We have the option of going also on a snowmobile trail which is a little more challenging.

Sunday ride is to Goldstone. This one is all on Jeep/ATV trail and is about 40 miles, around 5 hours. There are 3 creek crossings which should be fun!

MEETING TIME AND PLACE: Both days we will meet with ATV’s loaded up at 9AM at the SAVEWAY Grocery store in Salmon. There is a parking area to pull in to there by the store. If you go one block to the left off the Main street going thru town and then take a right you will run into the store along that street. It is the only large grocery store in town! On Sunday we will go about 10 miles to unload and not very far on Saturday. So we will meet , trailered up, at 9AM at the store.

You should not need any gas for the single day ride. You will want to pack a lunch and something to drink for sure. There is a campground in town and Don Miller has some dry camping spots if you are coming with an RV. You can call Don at 360-9531 if you would like direction for camping, for hotels, or better directions to the SAVEWAY.

This should be very fun riding and an area that likely nobody has seen before, great opportunity for some new riding fun!!

You can also call Don on his number if you want any further ride information. You would need to leave Missoula at 6AM if you plan on just coming up for the day. You can come both days or just one if you want.