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Schley Mountain Ride

This is another reminder for the ride this weekend at Fish Creek (Schely Mtn).
Come out and have some fun.


This is an easy fun ride with an option for a short hike to a great view at the top of the mountain.
Hope to see you there. Call if you have any questions.
Dave F. and Jim M.
SCHELY Mountain (Fish Creek) ATV Ride

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Difficulty Level: EASY All FS roads

Ride Leader: Jim Merifield (493 0977) & Dave Felstet (214 1083)

Meet Locations and Times: At The Forks at 9:30, unload, head out at 10am.

Directions from Missoula: West on I-90 approximately 36 miles to the Fish Creek exit (right side), turn left at stop onto route 343, follow 343 ten miles (go past the junction of 7750 which goes to the right to Hole in the Wall), stay left on 343 for another third of a mile crossing the bridge you are at the Forks. Park as available, past the camp ground. DO NOT BLOCK OTHER CAMPERS or CAMP SITES. Jim & Dave will assist with where to park on a small road that parallels the 343.

General Description:
Ride will be about 6.5 miles south of the Forks on 343 to junction of 7734 on the right. Follow 7734 for another ten miles to trail head. Plan to park and have lunch at the trail head. You can hike a third of a mile south on Trail 110 to the Peak of Schley Mountain for a terrific view. Hike north a half mile on 110 for a view down to Surveyor Lake. Ride back down three and half miles (park right side of road) and hike in a half mile to fish in Surveyor Lake. Fishing license, if fishing.

The road 7743 past the trail head is marked “K = variable restrictions per Ranger District”. The Nine Mile Ranger said road 7743 is open down the west side of the mountain at least to the second gate. Return is by same log roads. Be aware that the trail system is patrolled by BLM and Forest Service personnel so make sure your machines are legal in all respects. Expect some dust.

Pack a lunch, snacks and plenty of liquids. There is no place nearby to purchase food or lunch. Extra gas is not necessary but always a good idea to have along anyway. Bring clothing appropriate for changing weather conditions. And don’t forget your camera!

Contact Jim at: 493 0977, jwjwmer121@hotmail.com or Dave at 542 7350/cell 214 1083, felstet@aol.com .