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Trails List

WMTRA Rides & Trails List


01. Albert Creek – Petty Creek – Southside Road – Easy

02. Ambrose Creek – Sapphire Mountains – Intermediate

03. Beavertail – White Pass area – Easy

04. Blue Mountain (Grave Creek Range Road/Jeep Trail) – Intermediate to Difficult

05. Blanchard Creek (Clearwater Junction area) – Easy

06. Brewster Creek (Rock Creek) to Upper Willow Creek and back – Easy

07. Chain-of-Lakes Trail (Sula/East Fork) – optional overnight camping – Intermediate

08. Fish Creek/Bear Creek area – Easy

09. Garnett Ghost Town, Elk Creek and Bear Gulch area – Easy

10. Gold Creek (Hwy 200) – Easy

11. Helena – Canyon Ferry area – Easy to Difficult

12. Huckleberry Pass (Browns Lake, Ovando to Lincoln) – Easy

13. Jocko Road (Arlee to Seeley Lake) – Easy

14. Lolo Hot Springs area – Easy

15. Maxville/Princeton (Philipsburg area) (optional overnight camping) – Easy to Intermediate

16. Miller Creek – Miller Peak – Eight Mile area – Easy to Intermediate

17. Nine Mile – Siegel Pass – Quinns Hot Springs (optional overnight lodging) – Easy

18. Overwhich Falls Trail (Alta/Painted Rocks area) (optional overnight camping) – Intermediate

19. Pipestone Trail System (Butte) (optional overnight camping/lodging) – Easy to Difficult



21. Haugan – Saltese – Silver Lake – State Line Road – Ward Creek – Haugan – Easy

22. Saltese – Lookout Pass – Mullan, Idaho – Easy

23. Taft (Hiawatha Bike Trail area) – Dominion Peak, Shefoot Mountain, Quarles Peak – Easy


24. Wallace area – numerous trails and roads: Red Oak, Gold Hill, Moon Pass, Slate Creek, Dry Creek,

“Trail 16”, Bullion Pass, Champion Creek, Stevens Peak, Elsie Lake, Dot Creek, Loop Creek, Lost

Lake, Polaris Peak, Mount Pulaski, Cemetery Ridge, Mastodon Mountain, Jewel Gulch, plus old

railroad grades and tunnels. (optional overnight camping or lodging) – Easy to Difficult

25. Fourth of July Pass area – Easy

26. Challis and Leadore areas – Easy to Difficult

27. St. Anthony Sand Dunes – Easy to Difficult

Ride Leaders

Pick a location, date, time and meeting place for your ride.

Please write up a ride description. Utilize the club “Ride Description and Planning Guidelines” as a

reference. At minimum, include the date, time and location of the ride, the difficulty level of the ride, the

distance and duration of the ride, and the directions to the ride location.

E-mail or give the ride description to Scott Swan or Dave Felstet. Allow enough lead time for it to be added to

the ride schedule and sent to all club members a few days prior to the ride.

Unless you have extenuating circumstances, please stay committed to leading your ride! People have already made plans to attend. We’ve had too many rides cancelled in previous years.

Thank you.